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Vechem Organics VCO is a leading manufacturer of Engineering Thermoset Plastic, Urea and Melamine and Phenolic Moulding Compounds. We also specialise in Thermoset Resins, namely, Phenolic Resin (Novolac & Resole), Melamine Resin (Liquid and Powder form), Methylated Melamine Resin, Urea Resin, for a wide variety of applications With 3 manufacturing locations in India, and sales locations pan India, we are the leaders in Thermoset Plastics and Resins in India.

Ellorite Urea and Melamine Resins & Moulding Compound are registered under the brand name Ellorite. Produced using UF/MF Resins and highly refined alpha cellulose, these products have spectacular finish, with scratch/detergent resistant moulding.Ellorite UF/ MF Moulding Compound are specially used for highly engineered thermoset applications, from Defence, to Orthodontics and electricals fittings, closures and Automobile parts, requiring highly precise properties matching with BS, DIN, ISO, JIS and Indian Standards. Ellorite moulding compounds are available in multiple range of colours, formulated using high precision equipment and spectrophotometers.

Ellorite UF/MF moulding compound have the following benefits :

  • Manufactured using environmental friendly production method with complete waste treatment and disposal.
  • Good surface hardness and chemical resistance, which cannot be achieved using thermoplastics.
  • Excellent mechanical/ electrical properties, in compliance with International standards.

With our special R&D facilities, we have developed world class thermoset products, and successfully developed the following :

  • UV stabilised material, with long colour retention, even when exposed to long hours of direct sunlight.
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-microbial grades with nano silver ions, in compliance with JIS Z 2801
  • Flame resistant material, which don’t melt or support flame.
  • UL approved moulding compound with heat resistance exceeding 99°C.

Ellorite moulding compounds are perfect for a wide range of household and commercial products, especially when colour, feel and cosmetic appearance, along with the durability necessary for everyday handling, are crucial. Some applications well-suited for Ellorite product range include:

  • Electrical wiring devices
  • Buttons
  • Dinnerware / Crockery
  • Automobile Parts
  • Abrasive Industry
  • Game Accessories
  • Electrical wiring devices
  • Circuit protection devices
  • Appliance hardware
  • Sanitary ware
  • Small housings

Our MF Moulding Compound is particularly well-suited for moulding food grade products, including quality dinnerware, automobile parts, abrasive products, electrical parts and fittings.Ellorite UF/MF moulding compounds are suitable for compression, transfer and injection moulding and are available in fine powder and granular forms (wet and dry granulation process)

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